Electric Scooters

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Welcome to the future of personal transportation!  Electric Mopeds and Electric Scooters.

The greenest way to travel is of course by foot or on a horse.  But we soon realised that we couldn’t get very far very fast…so someone invented the bicycle, then eventually the car.  Over 100 years’ later most families in the UK have one or more cars and also a concern for what impact they’re having on the environment.  We’re still at least 10 years away from electric cars being mainstream vehicles on the UK roads, and they are expensive compared to other cars, making them unrealistic purchases for most families.  So if you have a commute to work each day, or a trip to the gym where you want to replace your car or public transport with a green, quick and efficient form of personal transportation what can you do?

all seasons red emoto electric moped side view

Electric Scooters and Electric Mopeds are the solution!

While we’re still many years away from every household being able to buy an electric car, right now today, every household in the UK should be able to afford an electric scooter.  At prices from just £995 for a new electric scooter, they are affordable for everyone, particularly when you calculate the savings you’ll make from:

  • No road tax
  • No vehicle insurance
  • No petrol or diesel fuel bills
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No congestion charges
  • No parking fees
  • No MOT
  • No drivers licence required

Anyone over the age of 14 can use an electric scooter, they’re road legal but classed as an electric bicycle if they utilise a pedal system, as you find on All Season’s emoto scooters.  Visit https://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules for more information.  This means you don’t have to register the scooter with the DVLA, you don’t have a licence plate so don’t pay road tax, and parking availability is much higher.  You have all the advantages cyclists have on their commute to work, avoiding traffic jams, and using cycle lanes, but you have the added advantage of an electric motor which means you arrive at your destination fresh and happy.

At a cost of just pennies per battery charge you can travel around 30 miles, and then if you need to plug the battery in again to recharge for your journey home.

All Seasons emoto

The All Seasons emoto 48v comes in both red and white and has a stylish but sporty body kit which makes it look like an expensive Italian moped.  Travelling at 15mph assisted by the powerful 48v Lithium-ion battery and motor system, you will be able to beat the traffic jams and cyclists, but arrive cool and calm at your destination.  With added features such as indicator and light clusters, storage compartments and an off-road switch to travel faster than 15mph when off road, the emoto electric scooter is a cheap electric moped at just £1195 – but even better at £995 in our current Summer sale!

Key Features of the All Seasons emoto

The emoto 48v electric scooter has a high specification and many premium add-ons as standard.  Some of the main features are:

  • Alloys wheels with inflatable tyres
  • Full suspension
  • Drum brake system
  • Full xenon style headlight and indicator clusters
  • Side mirrors
  • Lockable storage compartments
  • Key start
  • Prop stand and upright stand

With all of these extras a standard you don’t have to worry about extra costs, we just recommend a high-quality bicycle or even motorcycle helmet and a heavy duty lock chain.  If you’re keeping the scooter outside you should also buy a cover for it to protect it from long-term weather damage.

Electric Scooter Performance

The All Seasons emoto 48v is designed for performance in mind while keeping it within road legal limits.  Some of the main performance features are:

  • 5-6 hour battery charge time
  • Up to 30 miles distance from each charge
  • 15.5mph maximum speed

Electric Scooter Road Legal

The emoto is designed and manufactured to be road legal in the UK, classified as an electric bicycle.  For more information on this please visit our road legal page.  As the owner and rider here are a few things you should take into consideration before purchasing or using these electric mopeds:

  • You have to be 14 years old or above to ride on the road
  • No licence required
  • No DVLA registration needed
  • No Road Tax to pay
  • No MOT required
  • No Vehicle Insurance required (but advisable).

Green Transportation

Costing just a few pence per charge, and not using petrol or diesel, or requiring oil, the emoto electric scooter is the green solution for commuters wanting to replace car, motorcycle or public transportation with a cost effective and green alternative.  Be a Green Commuter!

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