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With rising fuel costs and travel expenses an electric moped is fast becoming a popular way to travel.

The All Seasons Group has been established since 1998 serving many happy customers. Our E-moto mopeds are 100% electric. You simply plug the battery in and within 6-8 hours it will be fully charged ready for use, this will allow you to travel up to 20-30 miles depending on conditions. Our scooters are 100% road legal and require NO driving license, NO road tax and NO insurance making the e-moto moped a fantastic form of travel.

Please call us for more information on 0800 644 7072.

Electric Scooters For Adults

electric scooters for adultsInsurance prices are rising, petrol prices are through the roof and the environment is constantly being ruined by the pollutants that choke the clean air. Something now needs to be done. Here at All Seasons Scooters, we have the answer!

Your first thoughts about electric scooters for adults..

When electric scooters for adults is mentioned, the first thing that enters your mind may be those cheap and little electric mopeds that little children ride on the drive. We take the electric scooter to a whole new level. Our electric scooters for adults are designed for anyone over the age of 14, whether that be a 20 year old, a 50 year old, or even a 90 year old. Our bikes are ideal for getting to work, school or college. They are also perfect for meeting up with friends, go to the gym or shops, or just about anywhere for that matter!

About our electric scooters for adults..

Our electric scooter are almost identical to a petrol moped, apart from the fact that they do not make a horrible din and you do not need to spend your precious pennies on petrol, insurance or registration. Our electric scooters come with these amazing features: Key-start, Xenon style head-lights, alloy wheels, speedometer, battery level indicator, back-box, kick-stand, full stand, brake-lights, horn, indicators + more.

Save yourself a fortune and purchase one of our E-moto 48v electric scooters. £1 will take you approximately 375 miles. Just think of the fortune that you’ll save on fuel!

Enquire about our scooters by call us on : 0800 644 7072 or purchase via our shop at www.allseasonsscooters.com/our-shop/


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