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With rising fuel costs and travel expenses an electric moped is fast becoming a popular way to travel.

The All Seasons Group has been established since 1998 serving many happy customers. Our E-moto mopeds are 100% electric. You simply plug the battery in and within 6-8 hours it will be fully charged ready for use, this will allow you to travel up to 20-30 miles depending on conditions. Our scooters are 100% road legal and require NO driving license, NO road tax and NO insurance making the e-moto moped a fantastic form of travel.

Please call us for more information on 0800 644 7072.

Electric Scooters Uk

electric scootersAll Seasons Scooters are a leading supplier of electric bikes and scooters. Electric Scooters are fast becoming a favourite choice for transportation in the U.K. Our scooters pass all U.K law and come with a great specification. Here are just a few benefits of electric scooters uk.

Benefits Of Our Electric Scooters


[tabs title=”Eco- Friendly”]Fumes are being pumped into our environment everyday and it is ruining the earth, now it’s time for people to do their part.[/tabs]
[tabs title=”Cheap To Run”]Not only will you be helping the planet, but you’ll also help the money that comes out of your back pocket. Instead of spending £100 a month on petrol to get to work, spend a  few pence instead on charging the battery.[/tabs]
[tabs title=”Completely Road Legal”]Our electric scooters are classed as an electric bike, what are the benefits? No insurance, license or registration with D.V.L.A needed.[/tabs]

All Seasons Unique Electric Scooters

Our electric scooters are a fresh and unique product that offer many more than just the above benefits. Our scooters are modern and stylish whilst offering great functionality. All Seasons Scooters ride up to 30 miles on one charge which means you can use our electric bikes for a range of different purposes, from just nipping down to the shop to commuting back and forth to work. Some of our younger customers use our scooters as an alternative to a mobility electric scooters providing them an easy and cost effective way to get around.