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With rising fuel costs and travel expenses an electric moped is fast becoming a popular way to travel.

The All Seasons Group has been established since 1998 serving many happy customers. Our E-moto mopeds are 100% electric. You simply plug the battery in and within 6-8 hours it will be fully charged ready for use, this will allow you to travel up to 20-30 miles depending on conditions. Our scooters are 100% road legal and require NO driving license, NO road tax and NO insurance making the e-moto moped a fantastic form of travel.

Please call us for more information on 0800 644 7072.

Mobility Scooters

Due to a disability, many people can not obtain a drivers licence or may have had theirs taken away from them. The typical mobility scooters are not very modern and the younger generation may not be comfortable with riding such a scooter. Due to you not needing a licence to ride our scooters, our E-moto 48v scooters have been very popular for those with a disability.

Having your licence taken off you can be a major problem, as you no longer have your freedom. But we at All Seasons Scooters provide an alternative. But why do you not need a licence to ride one of our E-moto 48v electric scooters on the road? For the same reason that you do not need registration or insurance… they are classed as an electric bike. The law in the UK states that in order for these bikes to be road legal, they must not weigh more than 40kg, they must not go faster than 15mph, they must have a maximum motor power output of 200w and they must be fitted with pedals. Our bikes match all those laws.

Price Comparison For Mobility Scooters

Looking at mobility scooters nowadays, they are massively over-prices! A standard little mobility scooter can cost between £2000-£4000! Now take a look at our scooters, for £795, you get a scooter that does upto 15mph! Also, it comes with a 48v12ah battery that does upto 30 miles on one charge! It’s a lithium battery, so therefore it is the best type.

Our electric scooters are just like a petrol moped! Some of its features include: Key-start, alloy wheels, speedometer, xenon lights, back-stand etc.

So go on, choose a smarter and unique type of mobility scooter, buy one of our E-moto 48v electric scooters.


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