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Black Scooter

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A black E-moto 48v scooter. The item comes with a 48v12ah battery, plus 12 months warranty on the whole bike excluding wear and tear. This warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear, but we have spare parts available that can be purchased from us.

Product Description

Our eco-friendly scooters are fast becoming the favourite choice of green transportation. The maximum speed of the bike is 15mph or 25km/h, the motor of the bike is a brushless 200w motor. The range of the bike on one full charge is approximately upto 30 miles dependant on weight of rider and terrain. Our 2013 model uses advanced technology as it has a very modern,lightweight lithium battery which is much better than the very heavy lead acid battery thus making it weigh less than 40KG in accordance with UK law. The battery is a 48v 12ah battery, therefore it does far more miles than the standard 36v. The battery pack can be removed to be charged indoors or alternatively, can be charged whilst connected to the bike. The bike has key start, electronic power dash display, lights, indicators and a horn, the bike is chain driven, comes with alloy wheels, and a storage box, pedals are removable.

Benefits:- No driving licence required, no tax, no M.O.T, no parking fines or congestion charges, you do not need to register our bikes with DVLA.


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