Welcome To All Seasons Scooters

With rising fuel costs and travel expenses an electric moped is fast becoming a popular way to travel.

The All Seasons Group has been established since 1998 serving many happy customers. Our E-moto mopeds are 100% electric. You simply plug the battery in and within 6-8 hours it will be fully charged ready for use, this will allow you to travel up to 20-30 miles depending on conditions. Our scooters are 100% road legal and require NO driving license, NO road tax and NO insurance making the e-moto moped a fantastic form of travel.

Please call us for more information on 0800 644 7072.

Why our Electric Bikes are different?

Electric bikes are a great way of commuting, but many electric bikes look cheap and boring. We have the solution at All Seasons Scooters! Now you can get from A to B whilst looking great at the same time! Our e-moto 48v electric bikes are the future! They are a mixture between a moped and electric bike. At the same time as looking smart like a moped, they also have no extra costs, much like an electric bike. Have the best of both worlds! Simple electric bikes can be very expensive, why waste your money? Ride around in style with our unique scooters that are ever becoming the choice of many satisfied customers!

Another amazing feature about our electric bikes is the almost free aproach! Simply plug in your battery and charge. On a full charge, the bike can reach a mileage of 30 miles, only costing a few pence! On top of that, no insurance is needed, no licence needed, no need to register your bike with D.V.L.A.
Can you imagine the look on peoples faces as you ride into work, school or college and they see you on an electric bike? No imagine their look on their faces when you arrive on one of our electric scooters! They will be gob-smacked to say the least. Also, due to the fact that they are classed as an electric bike, our bikes are ideal for anyone who has been banned from driving, anyone who cannot afford to run a car or moped, or anyone that struggles on those long strenuous journeys on their bikes.

Just like a moped, our bikes have a twist and go hand throttle, keystart, indicators, lights etc.
You will be impressed with our bikes, so go on, treat yourself to an E-moto 48v scooter at www.allseasonsscooters.com

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