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Electric Scooters & Mopeds

NEW Product Launch 2018 – Now Available


All Seasons are pleased to announce the launch of their new Electric Mobility Scooter the 3Moto which utilises electric bike technology including Li-ion batteries.  As opposed to other mobility scooters on the UK market, the 3Moto has a battery which is much more advanced and lighter.


Powered by a dynamic 500w motor it achieves up to 40 miles per charge and will conquer the hills in any town.


All Seasons are proud to present their best selling emoto 48v electric scooters.  These sporty-looking mopeds are perfect for commuters and leisure travellers alike, allowing you to zip around the country, village, town or city.  For every savvy commuter conscious of emissions and cost per mile, the emoto 48v is an ideal alternative to other forms of transport.

Not only are they one of the lowest upfront cost vehicles on the road they cost considerably less to run than petrol mopeds, motorbikes, and cars, and are even cheaper per mile than public transport.  They’re UK Road Legal, qualifying as electric bicycles and therefore require no road tax, insurance, drivers licence or registration.  While petrol scooter riders have to worry about these road law requirements you can enjoy the freedom of the road, but also take advantage of cycle paths and trails.

With the emoto 48v electric moped you have the best of both worlds.  You can use the infrastructure set aside for cyclists to avoid heavy traffic, but also use the parking facilities set aside for motorcycles and mopeds.



However, the emoto 48v is more than just an electric bike, having a large comfortable seat, storage compartments, full LED-style lights, full suspension, side wing mirrors, indicators, key-start and foot plate you have every advantage that a petrol moped owner has but also with all the benefits of an electric bike.

The 48v battery located under the seat is a powerful Li-ion rechargeable pack which can be easily removed for charging in the house and is lockable so that no one else can remove it when you leave your electric scooter on the street or in a car park.  Every full charge of the battery will produce up to 30 miles.  If you choose to pedal with low assistance you will get more than 30 miles from the charge, otherwise, you can utilise the throttle-only mode with no pedalling required.  Top speed is 15.5mph in line with UK road law for electric bicycles, which will see you making your journey quicker than most cars on inner-city routes during rush hours.



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