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Be a Green Commuter

According to the BBC the average person’s commute to work is 54 minutes each day, whether that’s packed onto a train, in a car, on public transport or a combination of all of these.  But the length of the commute is just 20.4 miles on average both ways.  So the average commuter is travelling at 22.6mph during their commute to and from work, taking in people who are able to include bi-pass and motorway miles within their commute.  That figure should be no surprise to you if you’re used to sitting in rush hour traffic on the outskirts or inner streets of any town or city.

At 40 pence per mile, the average car on the average commute costs the owner around £2,000 per year on their commute to work alone.  Ask anyone who travels by public transport and their annual cost of commute is similar if not slightly less.  If you’d like to work out what your commute looks like in terms of how many miles and minutes you will spend during your career visit Ford’s handy commuter calculator tool, you’ll be shocked!

While electric cars are making strides forward in efficiency and battery capacity they still sit above the average cost at around 50 pence per mile.  So if you’re a commuter who wants to reduce your cost while also reducing your impact on the environment, the solution is electric bicycles.  Costing around 2 pence per mile to own, charge and run electric bicycles are by far the most efficient motor vehicle on the road and with a top speed of 15.5mph motor-assisted on cycle lanes are not far off the average commuter speed overall, and faster than most inner city commutes by road vehicles.

The emoto 48v is the ultimate in electric bikes, having been built like a moped longer commutes are safer and more comfortable, with adverse weather conditions easier to traverse.  Be a Green Commuter and choose a form of transport which really does have a small carbon footprint and will save you money mile on mile, week on week, year on year.

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