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Why buy an Electric Bike?

electric bike

Why buy an Electric Bike?

electric bikeCycling is a great form of exercise, no doubt about it. But sometimes, when the wind is blowing hard in your face as your facing a journey that is 20 miles long, it can be very hard. That’s when electric bikes play a great role in easy transportation that is cheap and economical. Here at All Seasons Scooters, we have taken the electric bike to a whole new level. Get more for your money and buy one of our E-moto 48v electric scooters. Our electric scooters come with a 48v12ah lithium battery, one of the best batteries on the market.

How far can you go on our electric bikes?

On one charge, the battery does up to 30 miles! This obviously depends on the weight of the rider and terrain. The battery can be charged whilst inside the bike or alternatively, the battery can be removed from the bike and charged indoors. Do not worry though, only you, the owner of your scooter can remove the battery with the key. Our electric scooters come with these amazing features: Key-start, Xenon style head-lights, alloy wheels, speedometer, battery level indicator, back-box, kick-stand, full stand, brake-lights, horn, indicators + more.

How much money could you save riding one of our electric bikes?

Just think how much money you would save from riding one of our E-moto 48v electric scooters to work instead of your car. £1 will approximately take you up to 375 miles! Also, because our electric scooters are classed as electric bikes, no insurance, licence or registration is needed to ride on UK roads!

Not only will you be helping the money in your back pocket, but also you’ll help to reduce pollutants being pumped into our environment. As we all know, global warming is a constant problem. Only when we start to use greener transportation and energy will we be helping.

Our electric bikes are also perfect for those who have lost their licence, who have a disability or who cannot afford to run a car or moped.

So go on, give yourself freedom, save yourself money and help the environment too. Buy an E-moto 48v electric scooter now: www.allseasonsscooters.com – Providers of electric bikes

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