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Electric bikes

Electric bikes

Due to the ease of riding an electric bike, it has become a choice for many. Adverse weather conditions make cycling very hard for many. With our electric bikes though, they’re alot more comfier to ride and more enjoyable.

Many people are so shocked when they find out that our bikes do not need insuring, that you do not need a licence and that our bikes do not need registering. Another amazing advantage of owning an E-moto 48v electric bike/scooter is that it only costs a few pence to charge. On one full charge, the bike will do upto 30 miles on one charge. The battery can also be removed from the bike and be charged indoors. The battery is securely locked away underneath the bike and protected away from the elements.

Our bikes have been very popular with those who have lost their car licence and struggle to get around, our bikes help them to enjoy a measure of freedom. Also, our bikes has been popular with those who cannot afford the costs of running. Insurance is so expensive nowadays and petrol prices are going through the roof.

Our electric bikes are ideal for anyone who needs cheap and easy transport, whether that means getting them to the local shops, gyms, restaurants, school, college and work.

We are constantly encouraged to use greener transport, and reduce our carbon footprint. So much pollution is being pumped into our environment nowadays. Now its time for us to start by use of our E-moto 48v electric bikes.

Our bikes are becoming ever more popular, day after day. It’s not hard to see why.. Our bikes are easy to ride, fun to ride and cheap to ride.

So instead of purchasing a simple ‘run of the mill’ electric bike, purchase an E-moto 48v electric scooter. Not only will it help the money in your back pocket, but also it will help the environment as you will reduce your carbon footprint.





















































































































































































































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