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Electric Scooters

Why buy an electric moped scooter?

electric mopedsThere are many ways to travel, whether that be by car or any other form of transport. Many people choose to use a moped or motorcycle as a form of transport due to the fact they can be useful when in traffic and a good ride. However, with most forms of transport, they can be expensive to run, with rising fuel costs and insurance costs. Now there is an alternative. Our electric moped scooters give you many of the same benefits as a car or moped but without the high running costs. You can get one of our brand new stylish electric moped scooters from just £795 and thereafter the only costs to you are the charging of the battery.

Our Electric Moped Scooter

To ride our Electric Moped scooters on the road, no insurance/licence or registration is needed as they are classed as an electric bike but drive like a motor powered form of transport.

Whether you have a moped already or are thinking about buying a moped, we are sure you understand some of the benefits of having a scooter. But an Electric Moped Scooter brings even further benefits. Here are just a few to consider.

[tabspanel] [tabs title=”Eco- Friendly”]Fumes are being pumped into our environment every day and it is ruining the earth, now it’s time for people to do their part. [/tabs] [tabs title=”Cheap To Run”]Not only will you be helping the planet, but you’ll also help the money that comes out of your back pocket. Instead of spending £100 a month on petrol to get to work, spend a few pence instead charging the battery.[/tabs] [tabs title=”Completely Road Legal”]Our electric scooters are classed as an electric bike, what are the benefits? No insurance, licence or registration with D.V.L.A needed.[/tabs] [/tabspanel]

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