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The questions below to are some of the most commonly asked. If you have any questions further to this please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why do these bike not need registration, insurance etc. ?

Technically, our Electric Scooters are classed as Electric Bikes, therefore, no extra fees are needed in order to ride it and all you need to do is simply get on and go! The Law states that in order for an electrically powered bike not to be registered or have insurance (advisable) etc., it must not exceed a power output of 200w, weigh less than 40kg and must be limited to 25 km/h.

At what age can I legally ride the E-bike on the road?

From the age of just 14!   What an amazing way of pulling up to school or college and being the envy of all your friends!

Who else are the E-bikes suited for?

Absolutely anyone! Whether you are going shopping, to the gym, work, school or college, on your holiday to the caravan and canal boat owners (as they only weigh less than 40kg!), and as they are electric, there are no oil or petrol spills!

Am I legally obliged to wear a helmet?

No, but we recommend doing so…. safety first!!

Are warranty and spare parts available?

Once  you have purchased your E-bike/s, you will have a 6 months warranty on the whole bike, this excludes wear and tear. We also have a full spare part itinerary available.

What type of battery does the bike come with?

The bike comes with a 48v12ah battery which is much better than the standard 36v12ah battery. Further, it is Lithium, or Lifepo4, and it can be charged over 500 times before it needs renewing.

What range can I expect from this on a full charge?

Up to 30 miles, dependent on rider and terrain, but whilst pedaling at the same time as accelerating (which is easy to do), this will add a few more miles to the range.

How long does it take to fully charge?

Between 6-8 hours and then you simply unplug the battery from the bike and charge it up from inside, or alternatively, charge the battery from inside the bike.

Can the battery be stolen from the bike?

The battery is locked away under the seat, only you as the owner can remove the battery by your key.

How do you ride the E-bike?

You simply pull the throttle and go!

Can I ride the E-bike on the road?

Yes, you can ride it on the road, down cycle paths and lanes, as it is classed as an electric bicycle. Other advantages of this are no congestion fines! Therefore, no more parking fines! Great for inner city London (or any towns or cities for that matter).

What happens if my tyre gets a puncture?

You can go to any puncture and repair centre and they will fix that for you. We also have a full spare parts itinerary with a fast delivery service.



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