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How has the Moped changed?

How has the Moped changed?

Mopeds over the years have well served their purpose, a relatively cheap and easy form of transportation. But now it is time to take it to the next level and move with the times. Electricity is fast becoming the normal energy that we will use to power our vehicles etc. Be one of the first to be regularly using this effective and cheap form of energy for transportation.


Typically in the UK, the minimum age you have to be in order to obtain a licence for a moped is 16. With our electric mopeds, you can ride them on the road from the age of 14, no licence, insurance or registration is needed! Just think of the freedom that you could obtain from such a young age! Not only will it give the teenager independence, but also it will teach them a good road sense which will be important for them.


Our electric mopeds are perfect for anyone that needs a cheap and easy way of getting to school, work, college, the shops, the gym etc. That then means, no more waiting for the train or bus and paying the extortionate fees that come with it.


Our electric mopeds come with a 48v12ah lithium battery, and on one charge, you can expect to see up to 30 miles, this is obviously dependent on the weight of the rider and the terrain. For instance, a man that weighs 12 stone and uses his bike on flat land will expect to see quite a few more miles compared to a 14 stone rider who rides the bike up steep hills.


The battery is conveniently placed under the seat protected from the elements, the battery can then be removed to be charged indoors. Alternatively, you can also charge the battery as it is on the bike. The battery is locked away, only you as the rider can remove the battery with your keys.


So go on, treat yourself now to an E-moto 48v electric scooter now!

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