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Alternative to Electric Mobility Scooter

Alternative to Electric Mobility Scooter

Due to a disability, many may not be able to obtain a licence or may have had it removed from them. It can be a horrible dilemma, as these ones need their freedom but yet they do not want to be seen in a flimsy mobility electric scooter.

For what they are, mobility electric scooters are very expensive, but in many ways, they are needed.

Our Alternative To A Mobility Electric Scooter

Our scooters provide an alternative, not only do they cost pennies to run, but they give you the freedom that you need without cutting back on style and looks.

The battery that the bike comes with is a 48v12ah lithium battery, one of the best batteries on the market. On one charge, the bike will do up to 30 miles! Obviously, it depends on the weight of rider and terrain, but up to 30 miles is amazing.

A lot of mobility scooters come with a lead acid battery, lead acid batteries are heavy and do not last as long as lithium batteries.

The battery on our scooters can also be easily removed with the key from the bike and then can be charged up from inside whilst leaving the scooter outside.

Another amazing feature about our scooters is that they weigh less than 40kg! Therefore, they are not as bulky and heavy as standard petrol mopeds but yet they still have good power to them.

Due to the fact that our scooters are classed as electric pedal bikes, you do not need insurance, a licence or registration!

So go on, save yourself money, and ride around in style by purchasing an E-moto 48v electric scooter!

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