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Mopeds are a great way of commuting, skipping the long and tiresome traffic jams are one of the main reasons why. The main reason why our electric mopeds are so popular is that you do not need a licence, insurance or registration to ride them! What an amazing benefit of owning an E-moto 48v electric scooter!

Petrol prices are ever on the increase, whilst costs of living are rising and rising. Take a simple and cost-effective approach to travel and purchase an electric scooter.

What our customers say about our Mopeds!

Customers who have purchased one of our E-moto 48v electric mopeds have commented on how impressed they are with the scooter: EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE & EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. After many days of searching the internet looking for an electric bike that looks like a moped, I decided to buy this red one. From the very start, my experience with All Seasons Scooters has been fantastic. Before buying I asked lots of questions which were all answered immediately and in a friendly manner putting my mind at rest. As soon as it was fully charged I got on it and was pleasantly surprised. It feels faster than you might expect (I even had to wear gloves!). It is very sturdy and well built and is perfect for running about locally or even commuting to work. My friends did not believe me when I told them it was classed as just a bike and not a moped because it looks so good. I am not a light person and use it around my local area which has lots of hills and still get at least 20 miles from it before it needs a re-charge. I imagine lighter people could get up to 30 miles easily. I can’t praise this bike enough so if you are considering buying an electric bike then get one of these you will not regret it.

How our mopeds help the next generation

We are constantly being warned about global warming and how we need to start helping the environment. It’s now time to go green. Save the money in your back pocket whilst saving the environment at the same time.

One customer commented how it cost her £100 in fuel a month to get to work, now she simply jumps on her E-moto 48v electric moped, only costs her pennies now. Just think of the money you’ll save riding one our E-moto 48v electric mopeds. You can go to work or college on one, and if your 14 or over, you could even go to high-school on one.

Petrol mopeds make a horrible din, are a lot more expensive to run, and are bad for the environment. Buy an E-moto 48v electric scooter now that are silent, cost pennies to run and are perfect for helping the environment.

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